On Thin Ice. Stories of Ice Addition & Recovery

36pp + cover


By sharing these stories of addiction & recovery, Tuggeranong Arts Centre is utilising the arts to encourage empathy in the broader community and to promote recovery as a collective effort.


The On Thin Ice arts-documentary exhibition features photography by Hilary Wardhaugh and Martin Ollman, sculptural works by Tom Buckland, works on paper by Jess Higgins and audio and written compositions by journalist and author Ginger Gorman.


Developed in close collaboration with participants, On Thin Ice tells the stories of local residents who are living with or recovering from addiction to crystal methamphetamine (ice) through photography, sculpture, printmaking, audio recordings and the written word. Each of the artists involved in the project worked with participants to create artwork that reflects the impact of addiction, challenges faced and their hopes for the future.


The exhibition debuted at Tuggeranong Arts Centre from 7 – 30 November 2019.